Healthiest Fast Food

When you think of healthy meal choices, fast food is not the first thing that comes to mind. Fast food items are normally high in calories, sodium, and fat content. The important thing to remember is to avoid items with cheese, bacon, or sauces. Many side orders can have as many calories as the burger

Should Restaurants be Required to Post Calorie Counts – No

Several restaurants have begun to post calorie counts on foods they serve. This may be one method to raise awareness in America that the rising obesity rates are due, in part, to high-calorie foods regularly eaten in fast-food restaurants. Most people are knowledgeable enough about food to realize that an extra-large cheeseburger with bacon and

What Eat at a Buffet Style Restaurant

One of the oddest things to have difficulty in deciding is which restaurant you or you and whoever you are going to go with, will go to. While it might not be one of those life altering decisions, it is something that matters to people because they are spending money to have someone prepare, cook

Summer Solstice Menus

The summer solstice is the longest day of the year. With this pleasure comes high temperatures and sometimes uncomfortable heat. As a result, cooking in the kitchen, on a barbecue or any other method which produces more heat is preferably avoided, although there are exceptions.  This is a time to enjoy simple food that can

How to Make Coffee Romantic

Coffee drinkers the world over depend on their brew to help them wake up and to give them an energy boost throughout their day. Some people use coffee drinking as a way to socialize and interact with others. Coffee drinking is also a nice way to relax and unwind after a long day. These are

Grilled Cheese Sandwich Recipe

An old recipe favorite of mine is one I use from a dear lady whom I will never forget as well.   Jane was a head librarian at an Air Force base in the Houston, Texas area. I was a young teen mother and I would habitually burn our grilled cheese sandwiches with ‘speedy meal’ in

Guide to Smoking Pan Sized Trout

There are quite a number of fish and meats that lend themselves well to smoking. People might often think of ham, bacon, turkey or salmon, when they think of smoked meat or fish, however there are many others that smoke quite well. One of them is trout, and it isn’t at all difficult to smoke

Foragers Guide to Finding and Picking Wild Chamomille

Chamomile is the common name for a number of species of related daisy-like plants belonging to the family Asteraceae.  The species Matricaria recutita, or German chamomile, is one of the species that is generally known as Wild chamomile.  German chamomile is often cultivated in home gardens. Another species of Wild chamomile, Matricaria discoidea, also known

How to Find the best Olive Oil

As more people become aware of the health benefits of olive oil, its increasingly popularity and usage can be seen in both kitchens and grocery store shelves everywhere. However, with so many choices available for this nutritious product, it becomes more difficult to determine which are the best ones to buy, and which you should

How to Find and Win Recipe Contests

Our love for food is such that there are entire channels devoted to nothing but teaching you to cook and reality cooking shows. For many people cooking is not just a way to feed your family, it is also an expression of your own creativity and palate. It is an art form that pays off